Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Even when...

Even when fibromyalgia is getting the better of me I can still create as long as I have the supplies to couch create I can make something!

So ta da...been wanting to crochet up some of these cute owls.  This is the first one.

Just to let you know

I haven't been crafting much the past few weeks, in a fibro flare...Between keeping up with the house and doing my few errands I'm pooped out...but I did manage to get out today to pick up a few things for 3 more projects so should start seeing something soon as 2 of the 3 are couch projects!

Hopefully I'll be seeing less pain and more energy soon...keep tuned I think of you all regularly and can't wait to get back to sharing...

I shared on Mothers day at our church and I've posted my talk on my other blog if you'd like to check it out http://momsmusings-karen.blogspot.ca/

Friday, May 4, 2012

small project and another project to be

I have been busy on etsy...looking for wool felt.  A certain specific color of wool felt.  It is always hard when you see a pattern and you want to use the same colors but the pattern itself doesn't tell you where they found the fabric (or in this case wool felt).  So I went on a mission and found exactly what I wanted and yay! the last of it arrived today!

The top sample is a grouping of plaids and houndstooth in a variety of colors and under that is some very nice large squares of a spring sampler...I'll explain the owl in a minute.  So now I am excited to add another project to my list of to do's.  It is funny but no matter how long my list of "to do's" gets in this department I do not stress or worry...it is that other to do list~~ laundry, dishes, groceries etc that I could do without, it causes so much worry and stress with the way I'm feeling lately.  Sigh wish I enjoyed them as much as I did sewing, quilting, painting, card making etc...

Ok that's enough of that doom and gloom.  Now I'll tell you about the owl...another etsy find, have I told you how much I love etsy, pinterest and lullua, sigh!  Now I'll tell ya about that cute little owl.
A few months ago I came across a etsy account that will custom cut felt for you.  To my enormous delight she had this owl in pinks and blues for a babys room so I quickly messaged her and asked her to make me one with the green, brown and blue combination.  Then in a few weeks I received it in the mail.   By the way the name of her etsy shop is Kutz  The names of the other 2 shops are retromama and Threesheepstudio(you can click on these and it will actually take you to their shops...oh ya learned something new today).

So since I've taken up quilting I have bought a few magazines and books and I wanted somewhere neat  to store them.  I found this file folder box and that was adequate, but not "pretty" enough so in a moment of "ah ha" I had the inspiration for my little owl.

Now the funny thing is I can't just leave the other side blank, so I am working on something for that side as well.  I will post it when it is done.  Have a great Friday everyone and try to get some of the fun things on your "to do" list done this weekend.

Blessings Karen

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

great deals

Today was Wednesday, I received a coupon from Katja's quilt shop in April for 50% off an item to be used on any Wednesday in May so I toddled off and picked up a "jelly roll" which is a fat roll of fabrics of compatible colors I have a  plan for it, but you will have to wait and see what it is.

I also managed to pick up a gift certificate for the quilting shop on the North shore, for which I payed 25.00 and got a 50.00 coupon so I shall need to make my way down there soon to see what they have in stock.

I am on the last row of my project and should have pics to share soon...of note I think I have pulled out more stitches than I've put in ~ yikes!  But things are now moving along well just need some energy to finish it off.

I also picked up some sale pieces that will be great for some small project ideas I have!

See  you soon~~