Monday, November 25, 2013

humming along...

Things have been humming along in my sewing room this past week.  I have quite a bit on the go...2 wall hangings and a table runner, as well as my mystery project to finish off.

I had a great outing to Katja's Quilt Shop where I bought another Christmas panel and finishing fabric for my other projects.

I have been throwing in some paper crafting and prep crafting for our church's annual Christmas dinner.

Thought I'd throw in a few sneak peaks...

will be a table runner...

not the best lighting but had fun using my new embossing tool

love the clothespin!

I absolutely love this favorite one I've made so far.

So stay tuned for some finished pics...hopefully soon!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

new creations...

I joined a quilty group that meets 1st Saturday of each month and I am loving helps that 2 friends from church are there and I am really enjoying getting to know them better...Since joining we have been working on a mystery project and we got the final instructions last Saturday so I whipped mine together today...loving it.  Now I just need to finish it...border...backing...and the quilting part...I need some fabric to finish it off so it might have to wait a bit till I get my hands on some cash...but here is the almost finished project it will look even better when finalized!

And man is it hard to get a good picture in the basement with an iphone camera lol...guess I need to start taking them outside like so many others do!

Oh yes and this is just a little sampling of my next projects....yup I bought a kit...supposed to make 2 wall hangings and a table runner I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a lot extra in there too so there will be more than just those three on my machine in the next few weeks...very excited!