Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures with my daughter

My girls are in Calgary this weekend for a Comic Con Expo.  They will get to meet some of their favorite actors and are so excited.  Part of this whole experience is them dressing up as some of their favorite characters from comics or anime stories they follow.  Emily has attended before and had easy costume ideas, but this is Meghans first big conference and she wanted to make a costume...well she wanted me to make her costume.

Now I am no great seamstress, but I can "wing it" pretty good when it comes to making we set off on this adventure together.  1st up was a plush hat, she found a pattern and downloaded it...taped it all together and cut out the some point I thought to myself "wow that pattern is huge" but off I went to do something took a bit of work to cut it down to the right size...after we cut it all out but it turned out ok...definitely not perfect but it works...
  She was happy...I tried not to see all the things I did wrong.
Next up was the backpack, she wanted one made...I decided due to cost and time I'd just make a cover for a backpack she already had therefore it didn't have to be heavy duty to hold all her stuff...after a few false starts and lots of stitch ripping... :( even broke my stitch ripper...I finally managed to make a reasonable replica...I am quite proud as this was done with out any type of pattern...yay me!  I then had to cut a pair of pants, expand the waist and hem them...let me say not my favorite part of the project at all....thankfully her shirt is long cause it looked like a dogs breakfast once I was done with it...and no I will likely never hem another pair of pants...thank goodness for long legs!  So here are the pics of the final results...she is happy and I am happy for her ... oh yes and cudos for her as she made the sword with very little help from me.

  She is Finn, from a show called adventure time...Have fun my love...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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