Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To you....from me

There is nothing more satisfying than making something for someone else.  Oh I do love making things for me too.  But there is a certain amount of excitement when you are doing it for someone else.  Oh and stress too ~ will they like it?  Will it be good enough to give away?  Will they notice all the little errors?

The heck with it ~ just do it.  I had the privilege of making a gift for a friend this week.  It was a pillow for her birthday, I've already made 2 prior to this so I am starting to get the hang of it, of course just when you think you have it all figured out something new pops up but hey that's the quirkiness of handmade.

I love the planning and executing stages of making something for someone.  Asking other friends for advice on colors etc.  The satisfaction of completing the project and knowing you just learned something new! (that usually is everytime I craft, amazing how much stuff there is out there to learn everyday!)

The best part was when she opened it and did you know I love these colors and patterns!  Yay, score!  Not everyone has a positive reaction to something you make and as a note to those who have received something not quite their style ~ remember the heart that went into it.  Always remember to keep your negative thoughts to yourself ~ nothing harder on a crafter than to hear what someone doesn't like about it ~ just tuck it away and don't use it if it is not for you.

Anyhow, what better way to give and to receive than to give a gift that you made.  Here is a picture...not the best lighting but I forgot to take one before I left for the evening ~ I should have gotten one of her holding it ~ oh well this will have to do.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ta-da the reveal...

Well sort of ~ you know taking pictures in a basement with no windows is not all that lovely.  But that is what I have so here are some before and after pictures of the craft room.  I will be spending some time personalizing things and adding a few crafty touches in the weeks to come ~ watch for a contest and giveaway ~ yup I said it a contest!  Woo hoo.

Ok so here are the pics ~ first the reason I had to leave the original plan darn water anyway!:

We still have to remove the carpet in the corner ~ sigh bye nicely painted room with windows...
Here are the before pics of the mess I had to clean up in the other room ~ and I didn't take it at the beginning I forgot!  So 1/2 way through cleaning it up I remembered to take a picture ~ so imagine it with 1/2 as much more junk:

So thankful for a young son, his friend who needed some furniture and our good friends with a busy international student ministry who took the fooseball table!  It was finally ready to refill...
Ok so here is what it looks like now ~ I will be putting in different lighting and like I said adding some more personalization but here it is:

crafting, painting, paper craft area.

sewing, cutting and organizing area

ah yes and the sit down and relax area!
To say I am pleased as punch would be an understatement ~ I only have a few things on my wish list~ better lighting ~ a heater, it's cold down here, some color on the walls and carpet cleaning ~ the carpet has seen better days but hey I am not complaining at all ~ ok creative juices start flowing!  Oh and you are all welcome to come hang out anytime ~ just call and I'll have the tea on and we can create all day together...

Friday, September 7, 2012


Alrighty then enough of this lolly-gagging around it is time to get serious ~ serious about crafting that is.  I actually started this week off serious, I got to work on my craft space in the basement ~ and yes I know I just did a craft space, now I am moving again ~ to a larger room!  Yay!  Unfortunately it was the messy room, sheesh what a mess.  I did take a few pics of the before but it was already half cleaned up yikes.  Once I find my phone cord I'll post some before and after pics.

Unfortunately at some point this week I over did it and ended up in extreme pain through my rib area on my back ~ not pleasant at all and ended up on couch/bed rest for 2 days.  But I am feeling much better and will work a little slower now.

So stay tuned I have most of my stuff moved in, now to just organize a bit and then start creating ~ I am dying to start creating!

See you soon....