Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ta-da the reveal...

Well sort of ~ you know taking pictures in a basement with no windows is not all that lovely.  But that is what I have so here are some before and after pictures of the craft room.  I will be spending some time personalizing things and adding a few crafty touches in the weeks to come ~ watch for a contest and giveaway ~ yup I said it a contest!  Woo hoo.

Ok so here are the pics ~ first the reason I had to leave the original plan darn water anyway!:

We still have to remove the carpet in the corner ~ sigh bye nicely painted room with windows...
Here are the before pics of the mess I had to clean up in the other room ~ and I didn't take it at the beginning I forgot!  So 1/2 way through cleaning it up I remembered to take a picture ~ so imagine it with 1/2 as much more junk:

So thankful for a young son, his friend who needed some furniture and our good friends with a busy international student ministry who took the fooseball table!  It was finally ready to refill...
Ok so here is what it looks like now ~ I will be putting in different lighting and like I said adding some more personalization but here it is:

crafting, painting, paper craft area.

sewing, cutting and organizing area

ah yes and the sit down and relax area!
To say I am pleased as punch would be an understatement ~ I only have a few things on my wish list~ better lighting ~ a heater, it's cold down here, some color on the walls and carpet cleaning ~ the carpet has seen better days but hey I am not complaining at all ~ ok creative juices start flowing!  Oh and you are all welcome to come hang out anytime ~ just call and I'll have the tea on and we can create all day together...


  1. It looks great Karen - Okay now all I have to do is arrange a time to join you and make it there! I am so happy for you - nothing like having your own space in which to "be" so you can create.

  2. Awesome and I am so glad for the "stuff" that left....Yippeee!