Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer stitching...

I have quite a bit of hand sewing I need to work on this while away camping I was able to catch up on a bit of that.  I still have a lot to do thankfully I have lots of camping booked for August.

My fibro has been flaring and while it is really hard to do housework while exhausted and in pain I am managing to get some sewing in so I though I'd share some pics...

3 of these are my hand stitching projects...

I am making this lap quilt for a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer...I hope it will lift her spirits...

loving it so far!

Oh yes I was in Pentiction this past week and checked out their little quilt store and picked up a few projects while the vintage Santas

This beautiful piece of fabric is going to make a market the owls!

And these little bundles are going to go together with some other fabric I have in these colors for a scrappy quilt...

Oh I am so excited wish I could bring my machine with me when I camp...I might just figure out a way to do that

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a little bit of this and that

I have been up to, well it's the same something as before.  That is the thing when you are doing block of the month projects, there is something new to show each month but nothing finished yet.  Although I have been making cards and have been quite happy with the results of late.  It helps that it usually means friend time as well as I am very blessed to have a few awesome friends who also love card making.

So here are some of the latest pics...

This is a wonky star block for Quilt alongs project.

This is my most awesome washi tape excited an easy way to use my tapes and I got it for a great price those deals.

So I shall keep sewing and crafting until next time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

really I've been crafting

Wow looking at my last post and seeing a Christmas project is humbling....and a bit embarrassing I have actually been fairly busy sewing, in between 2 colds and an inflamed muscle over my scapula.  I have two block of the month projects on the go and am loving them...let me see if I have any pics on my laptop to right back

this is the first block of 9 it is a huge applique project

this is all 9 blocks!

Part one of a mystery quilt from quilt along club

block 2

block 3...

Plus I have pieces cut out for a child quilt and need to make some coasters for my new end tables and a remote caddy for my new lazy boy chair...