Wednesday, April 23, 2014

really I've been crafting

Wow looking at my last post and seeing a Christmas project is humbling....and a bit embarrassing I have actually been fairly busy sewing, in between 2 colds and an inflamed muscle over my scapula.  I have two block of the month projects on the go and am loving them...let me see if I have any pics on my laptop to right back

this is the first block of 9 it is a huge applique project

this is all 9 blocks!

Part one of a mystery quilt from quilt along club

block 2

block 3...

Plus I have pieces cut out for a child quilt and need to make some coasters for my new end tables and a remote caddy for my new lazy boy chair...


  1. Wow Karen, look at you go! Beautiful projects

    1. Thank you Carla...maybe one day I will be able to catch up to you and your beautiful work.