Monday, October 24, 2016


My idea of busy is likely quite different than most folks.  October has been a crazy month for me... 2 road trips with overnight stays, thanksgiving, and a returned son moving in. It feels like October just zoomed past.  This week is a bit quieter, Keith works 3 -12 hour shifts Mon-Wed., mid term exams are done for my 2 university kids, our sweet adopted family is in Vancouver for surgery so no scheduled babysitting (although I am quite sure we will spend some time there this week helping Nicole).

I think I am looking forward to November it's kind of like the calm before the Christmas storm, I hope!  So the next three days for me will revolve around resting, laundry and sewing...a few yummy meals are planned ahead making that much easier.  I do have a Dr. Appointment and we are attending a funeral on Thursday, an old high school friend if Keith's and as is usually the case we will be seeing some old friends from our early 20s.

There are a few fun events I may consider attending...girls night at Real Deals for home decor on Wednesday evening and a sale at my favorite yarn shop, Knit2Yarns, in Valleyview on Saturday!

So here's to the last week of October...and sigh the beginning of Winter season.