Monday, May 6, 2013

new tools

I made a lovely mothers day card the other day...I was very happy with how it turned out and my dear friends were very complementary on it.  I was at my friend Anne's for an afternoon of card making and got to use some of her tools.

So while out shopping the other day I decided I needed to get myself some of these tools as well and off I went to the office supply section at Walmart and picked up these beauties...

I colored the owl in the card and really liked the effect...needs some practice but I'm happy with it so I picked up a package of sharpie colors.  Now to just keep them out of the hands of my daughters!  I am looking forward to making more cards I really love making each individual card.


  1. Very sweet. Enjoy your new toys ; )

  2. yeah for sharpies!! =) I had to hide mine from Liz all the time. And I forgot to give you a card on Sunday that I had made and written to you! Good grief. Still in my purse =/ Next time!