Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Draft overload

so funny I thought I should write a quick crafty post so I checked out when I had written last...July?? I checked my post list...I have 3 posts sitting in drafts that never got posted!  Very strange, they are all very outdated so I shall start fresh.

I've been actually very busy sewing, so much so that I've forgotten to take pics of everything, but I do have a few...

this was  Christmas card wall hanging...donated to an animal rescue

These two are part of a block of the month group I'm following online...they are super cute and fun

This is the almost completed block of the month from my weekly quilt club from last just needs the final quilting...I am sending it out so it can have a pretty design quilted on

This one has a terrible it looks much nicer in person...this one is also going to be sent out for if I could just find the card for the person to call...sheesh my brain...


  1. Well hellooooo. Nice to see all your pretty projects

    1. It's funny I can't seem to access my iPad photos when I'm blogging I have to go grab my laptop then download the photos onto there and then do a blog post. I'm fairly spontaneous and I'm usually on my iPad when I decide to blog therefore all of the drafts. I'll try and be better lol

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for popping by my blog again : )