Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wait a minute...

When did this happen?  When did September suddenly become 8 days away?  Nope, I'm not ready at all...I want more heat and beach days, more lounging at the campsite more outdoor evenings with friends. Summer is not as much fun without the constant presence of the sun. This summer has been a bit lacklustre.  I do however have friends who have quite enjoyed the cooler days, and yes it does have its own plus side.  But I feel ripped off...  Ok I know we can still have an amazing warm fall...but as far as trends go I'm not holding my breath at this point.

Oh there are great things I love about fall too...the warm sun even on crisp days, the bounty coming in from the fields, the stunning colors of fall...warm casseroles and soups.  Wearing jeans, hopefully lol, and sweaters...cozy socks and blankets.  I could keep going...I try to find the joy in every season and every day, it has become a part of my self care.  So even though I know summer is passing, there will be another one right around the corner.

Every day has a blessing in it somewhere, reach for it, search for it and enjoy the warmth it brings...look hard for it, it is worth it!

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