Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eventful days

It has been a crazy couple of days...I finally kicked my fibro flare and have some energy now to do some things...and do things I did.  First off I spent last weekend camping with some lovely ladies I was brave and drove our trailer to Herald Park... I even parked it all by myself.  Woo hoo.
We enjoyed some relaxation, conversation and peace.  It was awesome!

Then arrived back home and waited 11.5 hours while my dad had back surgery it was a long day waiting for word on how he was doing.  It is going to be a slow recovery but he is seeing improvement every day and we are hopeful he will have a much better quality of life now with 2 rods holding everything in the right place and pressure lifted of the nerves in his back.

Then I decided to shelf the project I was working on...I was just having too many issues and was getting frustrated so I decided it was time to move to something new.  I received some cute squares from a fabric club I belong to and decided to surf the net for ideas on how to easily make something for a friend.  Here is a quick glimpse...

I wonder if the person I'm making this for can guess its for her... it is coming together quickly so with the Grace of God and good energy levels it should be ready for a full viewing by next week.

I trust in the Grace of God to fulfill my needs physically, mentally and spiritually.  When I am feeling poorly I don't question why me, but what can I do with this for Christ's glory.  Sometimes it is a lot of prayer or encouraging others.  Sometimes there is no obvious answer and it is then that I know it is to just sit  and think of the things of  God to think over what I can do better in my life to meet the expectations my saviour has of me.  So take each day as it comes the good, bad and downright awful and remember each one can be lived out in a way that pleases our Lord.  God bless you all.

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  1. Wow Karen. That's a very encouraging word : ) Glad you are feeling better. Look forward to seeing your project. Thanks for commenting on Jane's quilt. She was here for the afternoon.