Friday, June 22, 2012

Subway art

I saw a picture of subway art not too long ago on one of the blogs that I follow and I fell in love with the whole idea.  There are just so many applications for it.  If you would like to see examples check out etsy and search subway art.

So my day yesterday started out with the mission to make something for a baby shower coming up and as I made my way to my craft room in the basement I was met with an unexpected disaster.  Thanks to all of the rain it appears water came into my basement...right where my craft supplies are.  My bookcase that held magazines and patterns was drenched on the bottom shelf and there was approx. a 6ft by 6ft sopping wet carpet, base boards were wrecked and dry wall was lifting away... sigh.

After a quick down ward spiral I picked myself up...donned shoes and went to work moving furniture and craft this room is packed as my husband has temporarily moved his office in there as I am moving into the family room with my craft stuff...but first of course is cleaning out the family room so our whole basement looks like a bomb has gone of quite literally.  Sigh!

So after that was done and a fervent search for insurance papers, which I had removed from the file to copy for the bank but hadn't put back yet...oi!  I decided I wasn't going to let the whole day be ruined...

So I started creating and very much enjoyed my first and second attempt at subway art...learned a few things... would change a few things but overall very satisfied with the finished product...wondering though if I should spray it with something to hold it all together and keep it from discoloring over time???  Any suggestions...ok here are some pics!

Warning...the following photos may inspire you to craft...fair notice given!  :)


  1. Sorry for your water troubles. Glad you could still create. They are lovely : )

  2. Those are beautiful! How do you do that? Is it printed out from the computer? Or do you buy the letters and create the words?
    Sorry to hear about your wet basement! Hasn't all this wet weather been incredible!?

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