Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Canada

I am lucky to have been born in the Centennial year of our Country's birth.  I always got that question right on my socials exams.  149 years ago this Country became one.  This weekend for me is the kick off to summer, but I really need to move past that now that I no longer have kids in school and I don't work.  It is a lot easier to get camping sites in May and June than it is in July and August.

But having said that I do have 4 trips booked for July and August, and depending on weather and how I am feeling I may add in a few more short trips.  I am so blessed by our trailer, once it is ship shape for the season it is so easy to just hook up and go.

Well almost, I was supposed to take 3 nights away with my hubby this week at a little creek we know up in the Red Lake area, but alas our truck had different ideas and broke down as Keith was filling the propane tanks for the I wondered where he was and what was taking so long he was sitting in 33 degree temperatures hoping the darn thing would after a $114.00 tow bill the trip was canceled and an appointment made at the garage.

I was so very disappointed, I am struggling to keep my head above water these days there is just so much going on...I do not like being grumpy and out of sorts but sometimes those dark clouds just take over.  So how do I cheer myself up?  I book another 3 nights at Shuswap lake...yay for us there was an opening so I scooped it up we don't go till Wednesday so that allows me to babysit my sweeties and go to a sewing day then take off for 3 nights.

I am hoping for nice weather...but really all that is necessary is no continuous down pour so I can enjoy some roasted marshmallows and time chilling with my camping mate, everyone else is working so it will just be two of us this time.

I am looking forward to another warm Thompson\Okanagan summer swimming in the lake and napping in the just doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Canada day everyone!

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  1. Hope your camping excursion goes well and the sun hangs around a bit more than it has lately!