Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tell the Egyptians it was delicious...

...well yesterday was a double treat day we went to babysit Mattias and Rachekl yesterday and it just so happens that Naders whole family is here, his 2 sisters from Egypt and his brother from the East mattias' Teta(grandma) was busy cooking up a storm and wanted to share some authentic Egyptian cuisine with Meghan and I.  So we had Koshary (mix of rice, lentils, pasta with a tomato vinegar sauce) and Kofta (beef kabobs made with ground beef and spices)... I am sure my dear friend Anne would be so proud of me!  It was very yummy and funnily enough Nader popped his head up the stairs and asked us what we thought of it...he actually said "what can I tell the"

It was amazing to hear them all together ... Very loud and excitedly talking in Arabic...a very happy family 💕

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