Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am working on my next piece, I am about 1/2 way through, just starting to sew it all together.  Already I am thinking about the next one...oh my goodness perhaps I do have an addictive personality!  Really what I need to be working on is a place to work where I don't have to clean up everyday...the only problem is the space I have intended on using is dark, no windows...the basement.

The nice thing is it is a big finished space...lots of room, no one uses the rec. room in our home...hmm maybe because it is dark?!?  I was thinking of heading out to a window shop and getting an estimate on putting in some side windows...there is enough room between the ground and the main floor to put in 2 short windows...I know it would make a huge difference, the drawback of course is the cost...which I don't know because I never get around to asking someone who would know...sigh crazy me.

Anyhoo with my low energy levels I have decided to call my trusty friend who loves to clean and organize to come and help me get my space ready.  So until she has some free time I'm off to my new work on my project...wanna peak?

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  1. Is that Reunion? Looks lovely. Looking forward to the finish : )