Saturday, April 21, 2012

I (heart) UK magazines!

There is just something about the magazines from the United Kingdom...Australia etc... They usually come with extras of some sort.  This magazine I discovered a few months ago...I get 12 sheets of paper plus  6 stamps and some cut outs...and some awesome ideas to boot!  I love going to Chapters, grabbing a handful of my favs and finding a place to sit.  I then go thru and decide which ones will be added to my collection and which ones are just nice to look at.  Inspiration I find comes from a large selection of blogs, websites, magazines and even a few that just pop into my head from time to time...

What are your favorite mags or websites...I'm always exploring looking for new ideas and would love to see what inspires you too.

Hope everyone is having a crafty warm I spent the morning cleaning up my whirlwind projects of the week...and sorting through my scraps.  Then an outing with my sister and now home to blog and rest...maybe work on my crochet blanket I'm 1/2 way done putting it to follow soon!  So keep checking!

Oh and I'm happy to have company so if you like my spot please feel free to share my address with


  1. My current favourite magazine is Quilting Arts, so many non-traditional quilting/creating ideas and many ideas on different texture/ fabric embelishment ideas.

    1. Oh I'll have to check that one out