Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter

Such a powerful time of the year so many things going on...spring, new beginnings and most importantly the celebration of what Jesus did for us on the cross...just think about it. He died so that we may live and have eternal life in a place filled with other believers. The sacrifice goes beyond what our minds can even comprehend. No matter what we do through Jesus we are saved once we accept what happened 2012 years ago on a small hill. He hung and died on a cross to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and then 3 days later He rose from the dead so that He can reign in Heaven awaiting our arrival...Thank you so much for loving me so much! is such a great thing to think about. While I've been busy sewing these past few days I have been thinking about who my gifts are going 3 lovely daughters and praying for them to learn and accept this great gift from Jesus.
I have made little treat bags for their "goodies" for Sunday. They were very easy to make and a lot of fun...I used some of the "new" quilting knowledge I have acquired and am looking forward to my next...more quilty project!


  1. I recognize that fabric : ) Your bags look great. Great message too.
    Happy Easter.

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